Our History

Charleston Area Senior Citizens at 259 Meeting Street is a 12,000 square foot facility with a colorful past.

Built originally as a warehouse for a traveling theater company in the 19th century, this building has had many uses.

Sold by Santo Sottile in 1919, it has been home to a Cadillac dealership, a Moose Club, a YMCA and an armed services club. In 1941, at the peak of the country’s build-up for World War II, the Charleston Service Men’s Club merged with the newly formed USO, and eventually moved from their George Street location to 259 Meeting Street.

During the Vietnam era, the USO club hosted an average of 20,000 military visitors a month. Two YMCA employees and scores of local volunteers provided food, clothing, shelter and support to young soldiers stationed in Charleston.

Since 1967, the building has housed CASC and hosted varied activities and programs for senior citizens in the greater Charleston community. Regular renovations and updates to the building keep it alive, functional and a true “Holy City” landmark.